Abstammung Mutterlinie Ghina of blue Shadow

          Mutter von Santhos:
         Ghina of blue Shadow aus dem
         G-Wurf von Evelyn Lanzinger

Ghina s Vater Rainbows Delight Best Friend Sam (ticolor) und  
 Ghina s  Mutter  Angel Blue Kiss of Phantasie

links  Ghina    rechts Angel (Angels Mutter war  Blue Kiss)

Rainbows Deilight best Friend Sam = Vater von Ghina 


Rainbow Delight's Best Friend Sam

Mountain Mystique's Gold Mine

Ch Special Velvet Teddy Bear

Ch Special Holy Cow

Ch Clarion World Class

Ch Special Jewel O'Th North

Mountainside White As Sno

Nairne's Flame N'Fields O'Sno

Lonely Elm Temperaturerising

Rainbow Delight's Gold Hill

Ch McMaur's The Eliminator

Ch McMaur's The Challenger C.D.

McMaur's Take A Chance On Me

Gold Hill's Wing N A Prayer

McMaur's Blackjack

Sonic's First Love

Alchemy's Gift To Love

Rainbow Delight's Clear Blue

Rainshade Gamut Warning

Rainshade Blizzard of Awes

Rainshade Razzmatazz

Rainbow Delight's Gold Hill

Ch McMaur's The Eliminator

Gold Hill's Wing N A Prayer

A-Plus Lady Blackhawk

Van-M Pal Joey II

Ch Van-M Balloon Pilot

Van-M Sultan's Archival

Sylva Sno Dot

Wil-O-Lanes Blizzard Wizard

Van-M Marble Matters

Angels Vater  stammt von Minna Danilo Bohemia
Die Brettonpark, Cambiano, und Corydon  führen 

Angel Mutter von  Blue Kiss of Phantasie und
Angelo vom Marienhof 

Kiss Vater:  V. Quo Vadis Yeremia Yakson führt
Lynway, Hause Reinhard, MybernM.
Lynway sh, v. H. Reinh.

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